We answer your webinar questions

Your webinar questions

Dear webinar participants,
We are very happy about your active interest in our webinars and the many questions. Unfortunately, we could not answer all questions live, due to the short time available. Therefore, you will find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions and their answers here. To stay updated we kindly advise to subscribe to our newsletter. Whenever you are keen to use the TracePen within your company, you can exclusively use this form to get in contact with us.

Distribution and prices
How much is the equipment? What is the price of the whole package?

There are 3 pricing models: subscription 12 or 24 months, product in product solution via solution partner or teaching days where the TracePen can be used as a mobile system for different robot models with daily licenses. We or our partners would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Did I catch that correctly, your kit includes: TracePen, iPad, sensors, & industrial PC?

Yes, absolutely right. We provide everything you need to have fun with our product and to get the desired process automated easily.

Where and when can I get the TracePen?

You can order the TracePen from now on. Please get in contact with us. The first TracePens will be shipped by the end of the third quarter of the year. Please get back to us if you want to be one of the happy future Wandelbots customers.

Are you offering trainings?

Yes, there will be the opportunity to take part in online training courses in the future and we and our partners also offer face-to-face training courses, which you can request and attend individually.

Wouldn't it be more comfortable to guide the UR by hand and then define the pose as a home position?

There is also the possibility, if the robot has already integrated a hand guide, to use it and then there is the possibility to save this robot position as a point in the Wandelbots app. Thus, TracePen and freedrive can be used complementarily.

Manual guidance also has limitations in its applicability and is often difficult to implement ergonomically in practice. In addition, especially for industrial robots, additional security technology is required, which often makes these solutions uneconomical. We are convinced that the combination of logic programming and programming the robot movements only delivers great added value in combination and we can offer this to our customers thanks to our intelligent software.

If robot manufacturers already offer manual guidance systems, see LBR iiwa from KUKA, why will the TracePen be successful? This feature has not yet become widespread.

Manual guidance also has limitations in its applicability and is often difficult to implement ergonomically in practice. In addition, especially with IR, additional security technology is required, which often makes these solutions uneconomical. We are convinced that the combination of logic programming and programming the robot movements only delivers great added value in combination and we can offer this to our customers thanks to our intelligent software.

Product and usage

Do you need to recalibrate it everytime when you need to use TracePen?

No! You only need to recalibrate it when you change the setup or application. But even if calibration is done within a few seconds.

What are the robotic arm brands that the TracePen software can interface with?

With our Cobot Launch in Q3 we start with all robot types from UR (e-series as well as CB3). As we have shown in our webinars, we do not only focus on cobots but also industrial robots like ABB. Denso, Fanuc, KUKA with KRC-4 and Yaskawa are also planned for the end of this year.

How was your process to test the UX of the both the TracePen and the iPad interface?

We worked very user-centric from day one and were continously testing the product with customers like Volkswagen. That led to the current stage of the product where even blue collar workers are able to work with the TracePen.

Is there any AR integration as well? i.e. an AR layer showing the TracePen executed by the user

Maybe you have seen the news: recently Microsoft joined the company, so stay tuned 😉

Is it also usable for bigger robots? Or is the focus collaborative lightweight robots?

We do not only focus on cobots but also industrial robots like ABB. Denso, Fanuc, KUKA with KRC-4 and Yaskawa are also planned for the end of this year.

Where will the production of the TracePen take place?

We have a very stable supply chain, no worries 😉

Do you think there are possibilities to use the TracePen for assembly tasks like placing shaft lock rings or putting rubber seals on a hub - shaft unit? Why is screwdriving not listed?

The TracePen is perfect for path-intensive applications such as gluing, welding, polishing, grinding, deburring, etc. Nevertheless we see heaps of more applications that we can improve together with our partners and we’re really open to talk about. Just get back to us in case of any specific or individual applications and we will find a solution for you.

Could you please elaborate on the accuracy of the positioning system? mm? cm? Thanks.

You can fine-tune the taught path in our app and be as precise as the robot itself.

What is the accuracy of the frame calibration of robot to IR locating system?

The systems gets as exact as you are with you hand, in the app you can finetune the points to whatever accuracy the robot supports.

Does the Wandelbots tablet need a connection to the internet?

An active internet connection is not required for the pure use of the TracePen and the Wandelbots software. However, an internet connection is necessary in order to be able to get certain additional features, upgrades or updates.

Is the interface of the app only available in English? Do you offer other languages, too?

We’ll offer German and English language for the product launch. More languages still to come in the future. 

What is work zone of the TracePen?

With the two tracking stations included in the package, an area of 5 x 5 m can be covered. If you need a larger work area, the system can be expanded by two additional stations and can thus be expanded to 10 x 10 meters.

What are the tool tips that you could use along with the robot?

Our package includes four standard tips. Three of them with a fixed length and different thickness. The fourth tip, the length can be flexibly determined by the user himself/herself.

When starting the frame calibration, does one know beforehand where the robot will move so that these positions are both available (collision free) and safe (application design)?

The calibration points can be defined by the user him/herself to avoid collisions.

Technical questions

Are you solving singularity issues with your software?

Our algorithms recognize singularities and, as far as possible, bypass them during execution. Since the complete path of the movement is known, there is a better optimization than is possible with sequential processing. We are also working on features that will further improve the handling of singularities. Be curious!

Does your industrial PC act like controller for robot?

No, we’re not replacing it. It’s an extra device you’re connecting to the controller via ethernet.

We work with 6 axis serial robots, singularities (especially wrist) in some cells are a common occurrence. Does your application allow for different (preset) strategies for avoiding them? Also, we nearly always have some external wiring and/or hoses going to the tool on robot. Is there a way to place restrictions, so that both axis 4 and 6 don't turn in the same direction, wrapping the wiring around the robot?

You can configure axes limitations withing our app for the teaching process. Saftety setups are not replaced by this.

Two questions: 1) Are you piloting the robot with joint positions or cartesian positions? 2) Can the recorded points of the TracePen be exported to some standard file for analysis?

Both. You can choose whatever suits you best.

Do you translate the commands from your software into moveL & moveJ or do you use servoJ directely?

We use the movel/j commands in code export.

What if there is no ethernet or tcp/ip connection?Is there a way were could manually download the XML file?

After the teaching process the code is exported and can used without any required connectivity. The exported code is in the robot-specific language.

When did you teach the TCP of the actual tool?

TPCs can be configured in dedicated menu and selected during the teaching process.

What happens if my hand slips during the path generation? Can I edit some part of the path, instead of redrawing the whole thing?

Of course you can. You can merge different teachings, you can split it and put logic in between. And if your hand completely slips away you can easily reteach. It’s fun 😉

What is the principle of working of TracePen sensors? Is it possible to use it with arc welding? is it safe for equipment?

The Tracking Stations emit infrared light, which is quite safe for most equipment. We work together with Heidenbluth, which is the largest provider of robot welding solutions in Germany. The TracePen is absolutely ready for arc welding.

Can you show how you implement "if cases"?

Sorry, we were not able to jump right back from the Q&A-Session into the robo-lab. Please get back to us to join a separate demo and we’ll be very happy to cover this question!

Is it possible to have these coordinates of the waypoints exported to another PC?

Yes this would be possible through our code export functionality.

Can you access the customers data remotely i.e for statistics or bug fixing? Thank you .

If the customer allows access we’re technically absolutely able. We offer a very stable and quickly working support though and your system integrators will be able to handle any of your questions.

How important is the TracePen pose during teaching with respect to the robot kinematic?

The TracePen’s pose is recorded and in many applications this is the crucial key, where you would need a lot of programming effort. However, there are editing functionality where you can manipulate the orientation or align multiple points.

How do you calculate/calibrate the tool offset between TracePen and your gluing tip?

We have datasets of each tip, where you can select from so that the calculation is accurate.

Do I need the internet for the software to run or it is stored on the PC

No you don’t depend on internet connection for the teaching process. You might only need connection to receive updates for our software which will work smoothly with the LTE connection of the tablet. We’re working on an edge cloud integration though. So stay tuned.

Is it possible to know the transfer function or system dynamics (linear/non-linear) of the robot using the pen

You can just grab the TracePen, go along the workpiece and the software is suggesting the best fit trajectory based on AI-technology. That saves you a lot of time.

What will be if during teaching with TracePen one or few robot axes reach it limits?

The Wandelbots system will precompute and warn you and you have the chance to trim the trajectory until no more problems occur.

What kind of wireless technology is used for communication between the TracePen, IPC?

We’re using a proprietary 2.4GHz protocol that’s absolutely industry poven and will not interfere with other equipment in your shopfloor. Don’t hesitate to try it out.

What sampling rate is used by the IR locating system when tracking the TracePen?

The sampling rate is 100 Hz as we found out with our customers that this is the most convenient rate.

How large can the work envelop be? How far can your scanning sensor track?

You can easily go up to 10 metres. But you can scale this up easily by just using more tracking stations if your shopfloor is larger.

For the integration on a KUKA robot, which interfaces (Software options) are needed on the robot side?

We are using the Connectivity package.

Does the software support a 7th axis? For instance, a robot on a rail (RTU)

A solution for a 7th, external axis is still on our roadmap and will be available soon.

Can I define a trajectory "using a program" or custom path from my code and then fine tune it ?

Yes of course. Every path you taught once is saved as a separate skill and can be reused whenever needed. So before you press the magic button “generate code” you have the chance to finetune everything just as you had when you first taught the path. 

Does the I/O Panel reflect on the available I/O port from the robot controller?

Yes you can see all available I/O ports and their current value in the app. And you can of course switch them on and off very easily. 

How are you accomplishing path triggers? Trigger I/O during movement example dispensing.

We have an interface that allows to integrate external periphals an you can split a taught path and put I/O configurations in between. 

Can we implement ladder logic, SFC and other discrete control stuff using the pen?

We have an extensable code generation framework since our skill model turing complete and we can generate code in any target language including ladder logic. If you’re interested in implementation of the code generation for such languages, please contact us.

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