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Yaskawa Robot Programming
is Now Possible for Everyone

Finally, Yaskawa robot programming can be done without writing a single line of code. Independently drive Yaskawa automation in your company by teaching your robots and with Wandelbots Teaching.

Yaskawa robot programming with Wandelbots


With Wandelbots Teaching, Yaskawa robot programming is now…

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… a lot faster

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much easier

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… more accessible

Yaskawa Robot - EN

… more accurate

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… more affordable

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… and safe

Yaskawa Robot - EN

It’s not “Yaskawa robot programming” as you know it.

Teach your Yaskawa robots easily without writing a single line of code

With Wandelbots Teaching, every member of your workforce can teach Yaskawa robots without programming a single line of code. The solution combines easy-to-use software with an intelligent teaching device, the TracePen.

Yaskawa Robot - EN
Yaskawa Robot - EN

Wandelbots Teaching Runs on various Yaskawa industrial robot models

Find out about the current Yaskawa industrial robot models we currently support.
Yaskawa Robot - EN


Wandelbots Teaching for Industrial Robots from just 499 €/month

Make your Yaskawa automation more efficient with Wandelbots Teaching
for as little as 499 €/month. Explore your pricing options now to get started!

Yaskawa Robot - EN

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Companies that are already convinced

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“The joint project with Wandelbots gave us access to state-of-the-art technology that had never been used at KET before. For future applications, this technology will enable us to program robots and allows us even with small batch sizes and frequent tool changes, to now easily set up and change a robot by ourselves. This will enable us to replace time-consuming, unpleasant, dusty and monotonous work steps.”

Yaskawa Robot - EN

Gunter Böttcher

“The Wandelbots’ solutions offer the industry, especially the automation by robotics, an enormous boost in the realization.”

Yaskawa Robot - EN

Marco Weiß
Head of New Mobility & Innovations
VW Gläserne Manufaktur

“The revolutionary solution from Wandelbots offers us unprecedented opportunities to open up new markets and new applications.”

Yaskawa Robot - EN

Carsten Busch
DENSO Robotics Europe

“We are excited about how wandelbots is revolutionizing the way how robots are taught. Their technology opens up wholly new possibilities for us: adaptive handling systems in our production and the development of future-oriented applications for artificial intelligence in conjunction with our sensors.”

Yaskawa Robot - EN

Uwe Gäbler
Director Development Center Dresden

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