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Yaskawa Robot

Yaskawa robot programming can be easy as pie! Teach your Yaskawa robots new skills within minutes using Wandelbots Teaching. This year, we will release our solution for the first Yaskawa robot model.

Yaskawa robot programming with Wandelbots
Yaskawa Robot

Teaching a Yaskawa Robot was never this fast.

See how the all-online-teaching works:

Teaching a Yaskawa Robot was never this fast.

See how the all-online-teaching works:

First step Yaskawa robot programming


The user performs the activity the robot is supposed to learn in an exemplary manner, while the robot’s movements are recorded in real time in space. So, instead of creating keyframes with a teach pendant or coding for hours, you simply show the robot the intended path within minutes. Especially for complex working pieces you can now save plenty of time.
Second step Yaskawa robot programming


The intuitive user interface of the Wandelbots app makes the path and the process editable, so you can adjust keyframes and control I/Os. The whole process is defined with a smart assistant that guides you through all settings. No need for developers here, everything is as easy as you know it from your smartphone.
Third step Yaskawa robot programming


Once finished, the skill is converted to immediately executable, Yaskawa specific code to run on your robot.

Yaskawa Robot

Do More with Your Yaskawa Robot

Teaching a Yaskawa Robot was never this fast.

See how the all-online-teaching works:

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Save time for programming

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Easily adjust taught paths

Yaskawa Robot

Re-use skills on other robots

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High accuracy

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No programmers needed

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Full I/O control

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All safety features supported

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Usage based payment possible

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The release of the first model is planned for 2021.

Companies that are already convinced

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“The joint project with Wandelbots gave us access to state-of-the-art technology that had never been used at KET before. For future applications, this technology will enable us to program robots and allows us even with small batch sizes and frequent tool changes, to now easily set up and change a robot by ourselves. This will enable us to replace time-consuming, unpleasant, dusty and monotonous work steps.”

Gunter Böttcher

“The Wandelbots’ solutions offer the industry, especially the automation by robotics, an enormous boost in the realization.”

Marco Weiß
Head of New Mobility & Innovations
VW Gläserne Manufaktur

“The revolutionary solution from Wandelbots offers us unprecedented opportunities to open up new markets and new applications.”

Carsten Busch
DENSO Robotics Europe

“We are excited about how wandelbots is revolutionizing the way how robots are taught. Their technology opens up wholly new possibilities for us: adaptive handling systems in our production and the development of future-oriented applications for artificial intelligence in conjunction with our sensors.”

Uwe Gäbler
Director Development Center Dresden

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