Wandelbots Teaching Basic Training

Wandelbots System
Basic Training

  • Learn the basics of Wandelbots Teaching
  • No prior training required
  • Apply your learnings to real use-cases




Service & Application Engineers


1 hour




Your shop floor

Course Content

  • Wandelbot’s innovation and licensing models
  • Market positioning and competitive environment of the Wandelbots System
  • Top Level System Architecture of the Wandelbots System
  • Safety regulations when using the Wandelbots system
  • Overview of TracePen system components
  • Commissioning and installation of the Wandelbots system
  • Functionalities of the Wandelbots app
  • TracePen calibration and creation of skills
  • Practical applications of the Wandelbots system
  • Service and Support Strategy of Wandelbots

By participating in this course, you will

  • Understand Wandelbot’s innovation and licensing models
  • Understand the market placement and competitive environment of Wandelbots Systems
  • Be able to assign supported applications and robot manufacturers
  • Get to know the Wandelbots system and its individual components, including TracePen, Wandelbox, Tracking System and Wandelbots Tablet
  • Get basic knowledge of the operating principle of the Wandelbot system, in particular the top-level system architecture
  • Understand safety regulations for the use of the Wandelbots system
  • Execute the mechanical and electrical assembly of the TracePen system
  • Independently commissionin the Wandelbots system
  • Understand how the Wandelbots app works and its basic functionalities such as.B. skill, activity, framework, logic and code generation
  • Independently execute a TracePen calibration and recording of a robot track on a real application as well as its reworking
  • Drive generated robot paths on a real robot
  • Conduct a demo with the Wandelbots system on a real robot
  • Understand the support and service strategy of Wandelbots