Wandelbots Teaching Advanced Training

Wandelbots System
Advanced Training

  • Develop your Wandelbots Teaching skills for a specific application
  • Master all the functionalities of the Wandelbots system
  • Get certified as a Wandelbots Teaching expert




Support, Service & Application Engineers


1 hour


Wandelbots System Basic Training


Your shop floor

Course Content

  • Application-specific use of the Wandelbots system
  • Commissioning of new and existing plants
  • Robot-specific configurations
  • Detailed functionality of the Wandelbots app
  • Transmission and execution of skills by means of robot control
  • Software updates and license management
  • Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting
  • Create diagnostic data
  • Wandelbots Help Center

By participating in this course, you will

  • Know and understand Wandelbots technology in detail
  • Master application-specific (including welding, gluing, grinding, deburring and painting) use of the Wandelbot system
  • Safely execute the mechanical and electrical assembly of the Wandelbots system on any robot supported by Wandelbots products on new and existing systems
  • Understand how the Wandelbots app works and its functionalities such as Skill, Activity, Framework, Logic, and Code Generation
  • Learn application-specific skills using Logic commands as well as detailed processing of skills, taking into account singularity, accessibility of points, etc.
  • Know and make robot manufacturer-specific settings
  • Be able to convert learned robot paths into robot-specific code and transfer them to the respective robot control and drive off
  • Understand system requirements for software updates and carry it out taking into account license management
  • Create diagnostic data and transmit them to the manufacturer
  • Perform troubleshooting
  • Perform First Level Support and Service for Wandelbots Technology