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You waited for it, now you have it! After a series of extensive research, development, testing, and implementation, we are proud to announce that we are now ready to ship your TracePen to you!


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Meet us

12 - 16 April 2021
Hannover Fair
Online Event

27 May 2021
Silicon Saxony Day
Online Event

7 April 2021
WandelbotsTV - Episode 4
Online Event

21 April 2021
WandelbotsTV - Episode 5
Online Event

5G Summit,
Dresden, Germany

Kollege Roboter,
Munich, Germany

Automatica Munich, Germany
Hall C6 Stand 417

The Wandelbots Platform

The Wandelbots platform is a revolutionary tool that makes it possible to train, reprogram and provide data for any robot in the shortest possible time. The interaction of robot, intuitive app and teaching device not only makes programming easier and cheaper, but also more flexible. 

Your Robot
The Wandelbots Platform supports a variety of robots and their propretary programming languages.

Our Software
Our software intuitively guides the user through the teaching process by visualizing it, helping to fine tune the path, and finally by generating the learned code.

Teaching Devices
With the aid of a teaching device, the desired application can be easily learned from the demonstrated example.

Teaching Robots has never been this easy

integrated automation scripts

Generation of fully integrated automation scripts



10x faster programming

Ten times cheaper than classical programming

time saving

Roboter programming within minutes

We are Wandelbots

Wandelbots is a company in the heart of Dresden with the goal to democratize the programming of robots. We want to make it possible for everyone to teach robots fast, easily and inexpensively, even without technical expertise.

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