Programming a Universal Robot Was Never This Easy

YoUR Advantage When

Using Wandelbots

Universal Robots are built to collaborate closely with humans. They are in comparison to industrial robots easy to program and they require with less programming knowledge than their industrial counterparts. However, they are lacking flexibility when it comes to complex paths and working pieces.

For this reason Wandelbots, as UR+ certified partner, has developed a software to support those complex tasks. The Wandelbots Software Platform enables everyone to teach a Universal Robot in no time. It is really easier than it sounds! Simply record your path with the TracePen, refine it in the user-friendly app, and execute the skill. Done. Being designed for non-programmers, the Wandelbots Platform is enabling everyone to teach and re-teach a robot.

The Wandelbots Solution in 3 steps

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Complex path-programming made easy

Fast Teaching

Fast and reliable programming


Lotsize 1 production made possible without CAD

For All Major URs

Compatible with CB- and E-series

One for all

One subscription for all your Universal Robots