Supported Robots

All Robots & Peripherals, One Interface

Wandelbots Teaching is hardware agnostic, enabling various robot brands, end effectors and cloud PLCs to run on the interface. This means that soon, you will be able to teach ALL your robots, various applications in the same way.
Supported Robots

12 Robots for now.
4 more in 2022.

Wandelbots Teaching currently supports selected Universal Robots and Yaskawa Robots as well as sensors, end-of-arm tools, and other robot hardware and software peripherals. This 2022, we have much more in the pipeline.

Supported Robots
Supported Robots

The Family is Growing

Supported Robots


  • UR3 / UR3 e-series
  • UR5 / UR5 e-series
  • UR10 / UR10 e-series
  • Yaskawa AR 1440
  • Yaskawa AR 2010
  • Yaskawa AR1730
  • Yaskawa GP25
  • Yaskawa GP25-12
  • Yaskawa GP12
Supported Robots


  • Lorch
  • Schunk
Supported Robots

Cloud PCLs

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Objective+

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Maria Piechnick (CPO Wandelbots) and Marco Dutenstädter (VP Sales Wandelbots)

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Maria Piechnick (CPO Wandelbots) and Marco Dutenstädter (VP Slaes Wandelbots)