Robot Programming

From Hours of Robot
Programming to Minutes of Teaching

Program a robot in approximately the same amount of time it takes you to brew your coffee! Using just 3 simple steps – now everyone do robot programming.

Robot programming with Wandelbots for gluing application
A man demonstrating a path with the TracePen
Robot Programming Demonstrate

It takes seconds,
not hours.

With the TracePen in hand, the user performs the activity the robot is supposed to learn in an examplary manner.

  • Mark single points or complex paths
  • Tool Velocity and Orientation is tracked
  • Accuracy in mm (1:1 Mapping to Workpiece)
  • AI based detection of motion types/ blendings
Robot Programming Design

Use the most intuitive app in automation.

The intuitive user interface of the Wandelbots app makes the path and the process editable, so you can adjust keyframes and control I/Os.

  • Easy path adjustments
  • Visual skill editing
  • Full Stack Applications
  • Fast Testing
A man adjusting a teached path with the Wandelbots Teaching app
Export code to your robot with Wandelbots Teaching app
Robot Programming Done

Generate safe code
to any infrastructure.

Once finished the skill is converted to immediately executable, manufacturer-specific code to run on the robot.

  • Generates Code that natively runs on your robots
  • Out-of-the-box infrastructure
  • Safe and compliant to legal regulations
  • Safe and compliant to corporate regulations
Robot Programming

Watch a Wandelbots Teaching Demo

Companies that are already convinced by Wandelbots

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“The joint project with Wandelbots gave us access to state-of-the-art technology that had never been used at KET before. For future applications, this technology will enable us to program robots and allows us even with small batch sizes and frequent tool changes, to now easily set up and change a robot by ourselves. This will enable us to replace time-consuming, unpleasant, dusty and monotonous work steps.”

Robot Programming

Gunter Böttcher

“The Wandelbots’ solutions offer the industry, especially the automation by robotics, an enormous boost in the realization.”

Robot Programming

Marco Weiß
Head of New Mobility & Innovations
VW Gläserne Manufaktur

“The revolutionary solution from Wandelbots offers us unprecedented opportunities to open up new markets and new applications.”

Robot Programming

Carsten Busch
DENSO Robotics Europe

“We are excited about how wandelbots is revolutionizing the way how robots are taught. Their technology opens up wholly new possibilities for us: adaptive handling systems in our production and the development of future-oriented applications for artificial intelligence in conjunction with our sensors.”

Robot Programming

Uwe Gäbler
Director Development Center Dresden

Robot Programming

Running your robots on Wandelbots
has an advantage for everyone


Teach and reteach robots easily on your own

  •  Robots become so easy to work with that everyone can become a robot operator.
  •  Simply solve problems on your own without having to wait for experts.
  •  Develop new professional skills in the field of robotics.

Production Planner

Increase your robot usage due to higher flexibility

  •  Teach all your robots the same way and share taught skills among robots.
  •  Adjust your robot skills anytime to fit changing demands.
  •  Grow your automation to new applications and use cases.


Stay ahead of your competition with lower unit costs

  •  Save up to 80% of your OPEX costs planned for reprogramming.
  •  Get more output from your existing robot (fleet).
  •  SMEs can now afford robot solutions due to reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
Robot Programming

The complete all-in-one solution

that makes it fun and easy to work with robots.

Tablet with Wandelbots software for robot programming, showing step 4 of the Wandelbots teaching process.
Robot Programming

Wandelbots App

The most intuitive app for robots 

This is the robot programming software component of Wandelbots Teaching. It serves as the user interface which runs on an iPad and guides you through the teaching process. Here you can edit the recorded path by splitting it, inserting I/Os and creating the process according to all your
wishes. It also serves as a support & education library.

  • AI-powered path-optimisation
  • 3D robot visualisation
  • Real-time robot movement control
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Process and feature items create a fun experience for users
TracePen in the hand


For teaching complex paths in seconds 

This is the first Wandelbots teaching device and the main hardware component. It enables you to
teach skills by performing the desired movement of the robot in an examplary manner with the
pen in your hand.

  • Precise within the robots accuracy
  • Movements tracked via 24 high-precision sensors
  • Battery power for more than 10 hours of usage
  • Ergonomic form factor – like a tool
  • 2 buttons on the side facilitate point and path recording
  • Interchangeable tips to suit the desired application
Wandelbox including an iPad, the TracePen, tripods with tracking cubes, TracePen tips and and an indutrial PC


Delivering the most powerful robot-teaching experience

The Wandelbots Teaching solution is delivered in the Wandelbox. This is a suitcase that contains
the IPad (with Wandelbots App already installed), the TracePen, tripods with tracking cubes to
track movements, a calibration adapter, extra TracePen tips and an industrial PC for connecting
Wandelbots to your robot controller.

  • All-in-one suitcase
  • Includes user manuals and further add ons
  • Infrared tracking stations for precise recordings of paths
  • Flexible tips for any application
A hand holding the TracePen

Our latest Software Updates

Robot Programming

Version 1.10.4
This update includes a new wait I/O operator and the possibility to copy and paste skills

Robot Programming

Version 1.4.19
This update includes the 4 point calibration and an improved coordinate system

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Mario Warnitzschke (CPO Wandelbots) and Marco Dutenstädter (VP Sales Wandelbots)