Our Platform

The Wandelbots Platform

The Wandelbots platform makes it possible to train, reprogram and provide data for any robot in the shortest possible time. The interaction of robot, intuitive app and teaching device not only makes programming easier and cheaper, but also more flexible.

Wandelbots software on iPad while teaching robot an application

The Wandelbots App

Our app intuitively guides the user through the teaching process by visualizing it, fine tuning the path, and finally generating the learned code.

The TracePen

The TracePen now makes it possible for the first time for laymen to teach an industrial robot. The user performs an activity with the pen in his hand as an example.

Two different robot arms


The Wandelbots platform supports a variety of robots and their programming languages.

Teaching robots has never been this easy. 

Generation of fully integrated automation scripts


Ten times cheaper than classical programming

Robot programming within minutes

Our teaching devices

For the optimal teaching of robots we offer various teaching devices which are designed for a wide range of user applications. In combination with the Wandelbots App, they enable every user, regardless of prior knowledge and experience, to teach a process.



With the TracePen in hand, users can set specific points or move along surfaces. With the help of the appropriate attachment for the TracePen, work such as deburring, gluing or polishing can be easily carried out.

Smart jacket scetch graphic


The SmartJacket is a sensor-equipped jacket that is precisely tailored to the user. The robot can be controlled in real time by arm movements.


Die SmartJacket ist eine sensorbestückte Jacke, die exakt auf den Nutzer zugeschnitten ist. Durch Armbewegungen kann der Roboter in Echtzeit gesteuert werden. 

3D mouse graphic

3D Mouse

With the 3D mouse, the robot can be moved along a workpiece in real time. The app also records the path, which can be edited later.

We are Wandelbots

We are a start-up in the heart of Dresden with the goal to democratize the programming of robots. We want to make it possible for everyone to learn robots quickly, easily and inexpensively, even without technical expertise.

Wandelbots team on balconies of Wandelbots headquarter

Companies that are already convinced of the TracePen