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Become an expert in Wandelbots Teaching and maximize your benefits. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced operator, we have the right training program for you.

What’s in it for you?

At Wandelbots, our goal is to ensure that you obtain full autonomy of all your robot programming processes irrespective of your technical background. To achieve this, we must enable you unlock the full potential of your robots using Wandelbots Teaching.

Our on-site training courses present an opportunity for you to learn the principles of Wandelbots Teaching with hands-on practice using your own real applications. The trainings are tailor-made for you to help you achieve success in your robotic automation journey.

Become an expert in the future of robotics

As an expert in Wandelbots Teaching, you’ll be the able to teach complicated applications completely on your own and also train others within your workforce independently.

Learn using your own applications and use-cases

Currently we offer in-house trainings at the site of our customers so you can learn by applying the knowledge on your actual use case.

Expert trainers with several years of experience

Wandelbots instructors bring several years of robotics experience to enable you to eliminate any risk of inaccurate robot programming while using our solution.

Available for various levels of experience

From basic courses for beginners to advanced courses tailored to the specific applications and needs of experienced operators, the right course is always available for you.

Training Courses

There’s a perfect match for you!

Wandelbots System
Basic Training

  • Learn the basics of Wandelbots Teaching
  • No prior training required
  • Apply your learnings to real use-cases

Wandelbots System
Advanced Training

  • Develop your Wandelbots Teaching skills for a specific application
  • Master all the functionalities of the Wandelbots system
  • Get certified as a Wandelbots Teaching expert

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