Goodbye Programming,
Hello No-Code-Robotics

The Wandelbots Teaching Solution enables everyone to teach industrial robots easily and fast without writing a single line of code.

Wandelbots app programming a robot with no-code robotics

Wandelbots Makes it Easy for

Everyone to Work With Robots

We envision a world where people that are experts in a certain application build a dream team with their robots and are able to easily collaborate with them. We want to enable you to teach any robot a new skill faster and independently – without the help of programmers. With Wandelbots, you have countless possibilities to operate and optimize your robotic applications.

Using Wandelbots Teaching, just 3 simple steps are needed to execute a robot path – teach, refine, execute.

For us, robots for the people means: Programming becomes teaching. With our No-Code Teaching Solution you can now simply show the robot what to do. Everyone can.

The Wandelbots No-Code robotics solution in 3 steps


Roboter welding


Roboter gluing


Roboter grinding


Robter spay-painting

Spray- painting

Roboter inspection application


Roboter pick and place application

Pick and Place

Why Run Your Robot

on Wandelbots

Child teaching a robot with Wandelbots No-code robotics solution
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Independent Robot


Up until now, if you wanted to make a change to your robotic automated processes you needed a programming expert to support this task. Wandelbots now aims to make process/application experts programming experts. We enable everyone to (re-)teach a robot by his/her own.

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Save Time and Costs

for Programming

Long and costly downtimes, as well as expensive and rare programming experts are some of the reasons robots are not used by small and medium sized companies. The Wandelbots Teaching solution makes programming now up to 70x faster and up to 90% cheaper by enabling everyone to teach robots themselves.

Man using Wandelbots No-code robotics technology to teach a robot
Kuka and Fanuc robot arms
Icon robot arms

One Platform for All

Robot Brands

In the past, companies needed a programming expert for each different robot type, as they all work with their own proprietary programming language. Wandelbots developed a platform which works independent of the robot-manufacturer and offers easy communication for any robot type.

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Reuse 100%

of Your Skills

Instead of teaching your robots from scratch, you can simply reuse existing robot skills with Wandelbots. Generated codes can also be easily transferred to another robot of the same brand. Currently, Wandelbots is developing a feature which will allow the transfer of taught skills among different types of robots within minutes. Stay tuned for this feature.

Wandelbots no-code robotics teaching app used by a men to teach a robot skill

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Maria Piechnick (CPO Wandelbots) and Marco Dutenstädter (VP Slaes Wandelbots)

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Maria Piechnick (CPO Wandelbots) and Marco Dutenstädter (VP Slaes Wandelbots)